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PVi® Series

Portable Powered Top-Box Mixers with Bluetooth® Streaming, Audio, SD Card & USB MP3 Player
The PV® Series has provided amazing performance and value to countless musicians in a wide range of applications. The PVi Series of mixers carries on that tradition with two economical multi-channel powered mixers loaded with features for spoken-word, performance and pre-recorded audio reinforcement.


PVi 8500


The Peavey PVi 8500 /PV 8500 is a revolutionary all-in-one powered mixer with everything a musician needs: up to eight combination XLR and 1/4" inputs using Peavey's awardwinning mic preamps, and 400 watts of peak power for crystal-clear 

audio reproduction. The Peavey PVi 8500 / PV8500 uses exclusive features like Mid Morph® to accurately help improve tone and clarity of vocals. Feedback is quickly and easily identified and removed with Peavey's nine-band graphic EQ combined 

with our revolutionary FLS® Feedback Locating System. The PVi 8500 / PV8500 is equipped with Peavey's exclusive Kosmos®-C technology, which drastically enhances both the low and high end of the audio spectrum. Footswitchable, built-in 24-bit digital effects complements the already feature-packed unit. Connect virtually any music device to this versatile mixer via the onboard 1/4", RCA and 1/8" mini jacks.



• FLS Feedback Locating System

• Master Mute for channels 1-7

• Footswitchable effects defeat

• Combination XLR and 1/4" input jacks

• RCA, 1/8" Media input

• Selectable 9-Band Graphic EQ with FLS

• Selectable Main or Monitor dual power section

• RCA Record outputs

• LED Meter bridge

• Digital effects parameter control

• Power amp sub-sonic filtering

• On-board 24- bit digital effects with mute button

• Clip light and signal present indicator

• Kosmos-C

• Main line level 1/4" output

• Mid-Morph EQ

• DDT™ Speaker protection circuit

• 48 Volt Phantom Power

• Bluetooth® streaming audio

• Weight Unpacked: 23.02 lb(10.44 kg)

• Weight Packed: 26.01 lb(11.8 kg)

• Width Packed: 14"(35.56 cm)

• Height Packed: 22"(55.88 cm)

• Depth Packed: 13.75"(34.925 cm)