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The Triflex™ II is a 1000 Watt three piece, two-channel sound system, already tweaked and ready to go for sound reinforcement, DJ gigs, and various music playback duties. Consisting of a shared Subwoofer cabinet and a pair of Satellite speakers, the system has been pre-engineered for a balanced sound and a crisp, punchy presentation. The three-way effective performance that the system is capable of provides a clear sound at high output levels, with plenty of punchy bass.


Triflex II


• 1000W Active Two-Channel Three-piece Speaker System

• One shared Subwoofer cabinet which houses the inputs and power amps

• Two two-way Satellite speakers with speaker pole stand adaptors

• Subwoofer has 15" woofer, with 500W peak available power

• Satellite speakers have 10" woofer, RX 14 1.4" compression driver tweeter

• 250W peak available power to each Satellite speaker

• Peavey's exclusive DDT™ compression on the Satellite power amps

• System comes with two 15 foot speaker cables

• Protective slipcover with cable storage pockets and built-in Velcro retaining straps

• Heavy-duty locking casters on Subwoofer cabinet for transport of system

• Satellite speakers nest on top of the Subwoofer, help ease transport

• Four-pin twist-lock connectors on amplifier outputs and Satellite inputs

• Weight Unpacked: 159.83 lb(72.5 kg)

• Weight Packed: 199.52 lb(90.5 kg)

• Width Packed: 30.5"(77.47 cm)

• Height Packed: 53"(134.62 cm)

• Depth Packed: 24.5"(62.23 cm)


***Speaker stands sold separately***