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The PV Series of microphones provides tremendous value and performance in a range of dynamic vocal and instrument mics. These specially designed mics provide a clean, natural response with low handling noise.

PVi 100


PV®i 100 Microphone - XLR



• Dynamic cardioid microphone designed for stand-mount application

• On/off switch

• Includes carrying pouch, mic clip and 6 meter XLR cable

• Also available with 1/4 inch cable

• Weight Unpacked: 0.48 lb(0.217 kg)

• Weight Packed: 1.00 lb(0.453 kg)

• Width Packed: 3.75"(9.525 cm)

• Height Packed: 10.5"(26.67 cm)

• Depth Packed: 8.5"(21.59 cm)




The PV® MSP1 is a complete microphone and accessory package designed for working musicians on the move. The package includes essential accessories for stage and rehearsal setups, all in a protective gig bag.

The PV™ MSP1 features Peavey's performance-ready PV®i 100 dynamic cardioid microphone, which can be switched off when not in use, as well as a fully adjustable, tripod-style boom stand that works equally well with vocals, acoustic guitars, amplifiers, drums or any other instruments.

The package also includes an XLR-to-XLR or XLR-to-1/4" cable; a mic stand clip; and a protective nylon mic bag. A durable, zippered gig bag allows users to transport their entire microphone setups from rehearsal to the stage.



• Complete microphone/microphone stand package

• Includes PV®i100 dynamic cardioid microphone

• Designed for stand-mount application

• Black powder-coat finish tripod microphone stand with boom arm

• 6 meter microphone cable

• Mic clip

• Convenient nylon carry bag

• Also available with 1/4" cable

• Weight Unpacked: 6.61 lb(3 kg)

• Weight Packed: 7.05 lb(3.2 kg)

• Width Packed: 5"(12.7 cm)

• Height Packed: 35.75"(90.805 cm)

• Depth Packed: 4"(10.16 cm)