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XR® Series

Our most rugged, lightweight powered mixers ever!

From the company that invented the modern top box mixer comes the completely redesigned XR series of powered mixers! Loaded with tools for perfecting live sound reinforcement, the all-in-one XR Series mixers include everything a musician or DJ needs. Peavey's exclusive Mid-Morph accurately improves tone and vocals and Kosmos-C technology drastically enhances the low end of the spectrum, while our revolutionary FLS Feedback Locating System quickly and easily identifies and removes feedback. Plus, for the first time ever, the XR-AT mixer includes the world famous Antares® Auto-Tune® pitch correction technology!




The XR-AT powered mixer incorporates a 9-channel mixer and 1,000 Watts of power (1,500 Watts peak) into a unique, portable design. Plus, for the first time ever, the mixer includes the world famous Antares® Auto-Tune® pitch correction technology. This technology can literally help anyone sing in key and is used on professional recordings and live performances throughout the world.

Ideal for use in small to medium sized venues, the feature-packed XR-AT comes equipped with on-board digital effects and cutting-edge features that are only available from Peavey such as MidMorph® and FLS®-Peavey's exclusive Feedback Locating System®. Additionally, the mixer includes the Peavey exclusive KOSMOS® bass enhancement that adds low-end response and increases high-end clarity.The XR-AT also features Bluetooth® wireless connectivity for audio playback from any Bluetooth- equipped smart device or USB "jump drive."

Other features include an assignable Main/Main or Main/Monitor power amplifier with four twist-lock combination outputs. Plus, the on-board LCD conveniently displays the mp3 file name, play information, setup information for the Auto-Tune feature, and selected effects. Seven channels of compression allow users to dial in the perfect level regardless of the source, making the XR-AT highly adaptable in any live setting. Dual nine-band graphic EQs with FLS, monitor send and selectable EQ round out the features on this game-changing sound reinforcement solution.



• 1,000 Watts RMS, 1500 Watts peak power

• FLS® exclusive feedback detection circuit

• 7 channels with individual compression capability

• Antares® Auto-Tune®

• 8 combination XLR/1/4" inputs

• Assignable stereo power amp

• KOSMOS® low-frequency enhancement

• Subwoofer line output

• Exclusive MidMorph® EQ

• Effect to monitor return control

• Digital effects

• Monitor send on mic channels

• USB MP3 player

• Input pads

• Dual 9-band main graphic EQs

• Analog record output capability

• Bluetooth® capability

• Product Dimensions: 48.26 cm (W) x 24.13 cm (D) x 24.13 cm(H)

• Weight Packed: 20.06 lb(9.1 kg)

• Width Packed: 14"(35.56 cm)

• Height Packed: 23"(58.42 cm)

• Depth Packed: 14"(35.56 cm)


XR 1212


Console style mixer/amp, 12 channels with XLR mic inputs plus stereo line inputs on channels 11 & 12, 60 mm faders, 4 band EQ with mid-morph technology, 2 monitor sends, 1 EFX send, pan pot, PFL and Mute switches. Dual 600W @ 4 ohm Class D power amps, 2 combo (Speakon and 1/4") connecters per amp channel, digital EFX (w/footswitch defeat and tap function). Auto EQ feature (with dedicated RTA input), Feedback Ferrets and digital graphic EQ's that are dedicated to each amplifier. Five power amp modes, including fully active subwoofer crossover. Rack mountable. Full color box.



• Dual 600W amps lightweight Class D
• Auto GEQ
• Feedback Ferret®
• 4-band EQ on input channels
• Digital effects
• Rack mountable
• Dual 9-band graphic EQ
• Two monitor sends
• Dedicated effect return fader
• 12 XLR mic channels
• Weight Unpacked: 22.05 lb(10 kg)
• Weight Packed: 26.46 lb(12 kg)
• Width Packed: 19.875"(50.4825 cm)
• Height Packed: 21.5"(54.61 cm)
• Depth Packed: 9.75"(24.765 cm)


XR 8600D


The XR 8600 powered mixer include many of the latest technological developments from Peavey engineering. Incorporating a pair of 600 Watt amplifiers, dual 7-band EQ, digital effects, FLS® (Peavey's award-winning Feedback Locating System), DDT™ speaker protection and a host of other features, these compact powered mixers are perfect for any application.



• 10 line inputs
• 3-band equalization on each channel
• Monitor send on each channel
• 25 dB pad: channels 1-6
• Dual main or main/monitor power amp mode switch
• Dedicated 7-band EQ for main/monitors with FLS™
• DSP-based effects
• 16 presets with parameter control
• Dual 600 Watt per channel internal power amplifiers
• DDT speaker protection with activity LED
• Mute switch for input channels 1-8
• Signal/clipping indicator on each channel
• 48 Volt phantom power
• 8 improved, low-noise, mic preamps
• Weight Unpacked: 25.13 lb(11.4 kg)
• Weight Packed: 31.31 lb(14.2 kg)
• Width Packed: 17.5"(44.45 cm)
• Height Packed: 25"(63.5 cm)
• Depth Packed: 17"(43.18 cm)


XR 8300


They feature new improved low noise mic preamps, multi point clip sampling and a new subsonic filter to prevent low frequency power robbing. New graphic equalizers have multi-Q bandwidth to allow some filters to perform feedback control while others perform tone control and have Peavey's patented FLS (Feedback Locating System).



• 8 improved, low-noise mic preamps
• 10 line inputs
• 48V phantom power
• 3-band EQ, monitor send and effects send on each channel
• 25 dB pad on channels 1-6
• Signal and Clip indicator on each channel
• Dual Main or Main/Mon power amp mode switch
• Dedicated 7-band graphic for mains and monitors with FLS®
• DDT™ speaker protection
• DSP based effects with parameter control
• Channel mute switch
• Rugged plastic case
• 2 x 300 watts per channel at 4 ohms
• Weight Unpacked: 38.00 lb (17.236 kg)
• Weight Packed: 44.00 lb (19.958 kg)
• Width Packed: 17.5"(44.45 cm)
• Height Packed: 25.5"(64.77 cm)
• Depth Packed: 17.62"(44.7548 cm)